Lab Notes

Nashville, SF, Seattle and Las Vegas

The past week has been busy.  On Thursday I presented an updated version of “Fat Model’s Aren’t Enough” to the Nashville Ruby User Group.  There were about 30 developers that came out, a great group!  While in town I was surprised to see my friend Obie Fernandez who, along with partner Eliza Brock, has a new startup named RightBonus.  Look for it to launch this spring.

Then it was on to San Francisco where I taught a free Ruby Primer in the classroom at Blazing Cloud.  They are teaching some awesome classes there, definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.  

Saturday and Sunday I taught Rails Jumpstart: Level 1 to a small group over at the GitHub office.  It was a great class and we enjoyed hanging out in the space, especially when I (finally) got to play some RockBand.

Monday if was off to Seattle for another Ruby Primer hosted by our friends at Blue Box Group.  The turnout was great; we had trouble fitting everyone in.

Then Wednesday I headed for Las Vegas and presented “Fat Models Aren’t Enough” to the Las Vegas Ruby Users Group.  I’ve been to the LVRUG twice now, and they’re a really small but extremely friendly group.  They meet twice a month, so whenever I’m in town I try to stop by.

The world tour continues!